Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Beginning...

It's been a WILD RIDE so far and there is more to go!! Since last time I wrote, I found out on the spur of the moment (in my 3 day period), the attic had to be cleaned out also!! Oh, the treasures that were found!! LOL The 70's and 80's were back, along with my wedding dress from 1980! What a hoot cleaning out the attic became! We did get the back room off...I did mention I became part of the Demolition Crew!! In a weekend, we took down the back room and flat roof off of it...we have a 20 yd. dumpster in our backyard full of construction demo material. Since then, the concrete has been poured, I got to WATER it for 2 days!! LOL and as of yesterday, the framing of the room was done...I have this wonderful OPEN skylight to see the stars at the trusses haven't been put on yet-supposed to be Monday. I have come to realize, work is done around the "chief's" schedule...the headman in charge...when you think no one is going to come that day, scratch what plans you made, because he shows up! Today I thought maybe I could sleep, just a, just when you thought it was safe to go into the water...the phone rings...nothing surprising around this place but today at 7am we need to buy Hardiboard and wrap for the house. Between Thursday night and yesterday, I almost lost it completely--my sanity, my patience. Thursday late afternoon, they came to take down some tree limbs from our HUGE oak tree that would be hanging over the room. They landed on my concrete that had just been poured 2 days before!! Yesterday at 7am, the hammering, sawing, you name it started. With the noise outside and me inside trying to list Destash supplies to my shop, I felt like I was going to climb the walls! By 11am, I asked them if they didn't need to take a break and go eat lunch or I needed to leave the house...jokingly, they asked if the noise was bothering me...ugggggggggggggghhhhh....I don't think I need to say more. I'm trying very hard to be patient...I know that the room will be better and I will enjoy its beauty when all is finished...thank you all for your comments and support. It won't be "my little room" anymore, we decided to make it into a media/tv room for everyone to enjoy..."my little room/world" I've claimed now as the carport that was enclosed years ago that has a stone fireplace in the room. Once the room and roof are finished, they are going to put hardiboard around the rest of the house. Since I didn't get a window in the "carport enclosure" as requested then, I will now! So that area will have natural light and my craft table will be placed directly underneath it...there is a recessed space off to the side where all the craft supplies I intend to keep will be placed. Right now with my world upside down and definitely TOO MUCH STUFF, I'm listing/will be listing probably 90% of my supplies. I need to be able to clear everything out and then decide what I want to focus on...what makes me happy to work on everyday that I want to list in my Etsy Shop...I've found other Etsians (as they are called) usually go through this months to years after starting out...mine just stop a Giant a Leap of Faith...which I'm referring this to. It is my Faith with God that I feel if I list all of the excess and hopefully it sells over time, that he will show me which direction to go in.

I'm going to list a few pictures so you can see the progress so really is amazing to see how far it has come in such a short amount of time...the physical labor is taxing on a body though along with the heat...I really don't know how these guys do it every day. Oh, did I tell you, I "resigned" from the crew Thursday night after moving fallen/cut tree health, which took years to regain, is definitely more important than me being a part of the crew...if I have to pay someone to take my place, I'll do without something else to finish the room for awhile.

Hope you enjoy the pictures...thanks for following along and laughing/crying with me as this zany/funny/comical situation always, Pay it Forward, Think of Others...Until next time....~Lynn

Thursday, June 2, 2011


My little "retreat", My Studio, My Etsy Shop, Myself, are all learning the true meaning of actually began about a month ago when our homeowner's insurance cancelled use because we didn't have a new roof! So between discussions back and forth, we've been given a 2 week grace period to get a contract and 30 days for the work to be completed! 30 days!! As my little "retreat"-the beginning of "My Studio", was getting settled into the back room, as I've described earlier, we have been temporarily relocated to the smallest bedroom in the house. I will say good-bye to my little retreat as I've come to know it, Friday is being torn down to have a newer room built there, along with a new metal roof. I'm learning through life, you have to "roll with the punches" as nothing stays the same. The Serenity Prayer I embroidered for my Mother as a child and I have in my home, I must continue to read and re-read. I know that the room will be better, newer and actually a part of the house...I'm just sad because of all the work that went into my little room. So I thought I was "disorganized" before! LOL You haven't seen anything yet!! I have a few projects that only needed a couple of things to finish them, maybe I'll be lucky and find the tools!
This reminded me of when my parents became ill and had to come live with us on the spur of the moment-literally! We moved boxes, papers, you name it to make room for hospital beds and equipment in my same little room all in one day! This time around, I have three day has come and gone and 98% of my little room is vacant, today I'll finish it and the small storage room attached, tomorrow will be to make sure I have everything out, anything fragile on the other side of the wall taken down, just in case the demolition happens to make it fall. As I was told, this is Part 1...over the next 30 days my life will be turned upside down and backwards...maybe I'll know how a caterpillar morphs into a beautiful butterfly. I'll document our as my journey on learning extreme patience begins, follow along and we'll see what Ladybug's Cottage becomes.
Wishing you a wonderful day full of love, friendship, guidance, and as always, Pay It Forward.
Until next time~Lynn

Saturday, May 28, 2011


We have so much to be THANKFUL for...I for one must keep this in mind when my life seems to get out of control. I must remember to take one step at a time, stop and smell the flowers, enjoy the day that the Lord gave me, my family and friends, and how far health-wise I have come. So keeping all of this in mind, I wish each and everyone of you a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend. Remember those that have and are representing our country this weekend...pray for their safety.

Until next time~Lynn

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

End of School, Summer Vacation, Father's Day, 4th of July

I'm looking at all of the events in the next few weeks and coming months...for those that have children~be prepared, especially for the "I'm bored" comments!! hehe For those of us that are older, we've been there, done it and bought the t-shirt several times over!! Putting technology aside for a minute, try to think of ways that your children can not only entertain themselves but THEY will think it is fun!! Tall order I know. You would be surprised though at the simplest things that work. I love Family Fun Magazine...I go to it online...some of the ideas may sound silly to you but presented correctly to a child, could make all the difference. Take a look and see for yourself....also remember, children need time by themselves to think, draw, write and learn to entertain themselves. My children (who are young adults now) were six years apart in age...that's a tough juggling act...however, it can be done. I must have done a good job because for Mother's Day I got a card from my son saying things that made me cry (in a good way) and from his girlfriend also saying special things that made me cry (again in a good way). My daughter and I spent a whole day together laughing, exploring, shopping, and enjoying each other's company. I feel very blessed because not only did both of my children and one I feel is like family already, want to spend time with me, they did it willingly and we enjoyed simple things in life.  So Make the Time for your Children...think creatively, be inventive, and most of all HAVE FUN!
Yesterday, ideas just kept coming...putting together a different kind of Imagination Station Kit was one of them...I'm working on it...almost have it together...will show you hopefully this weekend before I list it in My Shop.
In the meantime, with Graduation and Father's Day around the corner, have you thought about making a paper bag album and including gift cards to their favorite restaurants, coffee shops, hang outs? For the Senior graduating and heading off to college, think about items that could be used in their dorm and/or apartment. This was me last year...frantically buying to furnish accessories/food for an apartment for our son who moved away to go to college and live in a furnished apartment. Think of some of their favorite cards to their favorite video game is always welcome as I was told (haha)...also send them copies of their favorite recipes you cook....most importantly though, send them with all the vital health/insurance information and cards they need. It's amazing how quickly they grow up and become independent. Mine still receives the occasional "college survival kit" from home, basically full of his favorite store-bought cookies, homemade cookies, and "junk food".
If you are lucky enough to still have your Father with you, TIME WITH YOU is what he wants. Your time spent together enjoying an outing, an event, food, a project you can do together...just time together. Special times are memories you hold close to your heart that you remember when they aren't with you physically anymore, only spiritually, like mine. I can remember picnics at the beach, days at the river, days at our home with the children in the pool, and many, many more. Enjoy those times...enjoy your time with Your Father.
I better get going today...I wish for everyone a beautiful day, we are enjoying a terrific day-sunny, cool, breezy, awww just right...wish you were here! Be kind to others...Think Positive...Pay it Forward....Be Yourself. Until next time~Lynn

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Do you ever have so many IDEAS running through your mind that it's hard to focus on just one??? That seems to be my dilemma this morning. My To Do List seems to be getting longer and longer, instead of shorter! lol I have ideas of new things I want to put in My Shop, special gifts I'm trying to make "come together" for my sister and soon-to-be husband, along with wording for a Toast at their reception, and the list goes on and on.....  Then after my wonderful day yesterday (still jumping up and down) I figured out I need little thank you cards already made, free gift with purchase already made, I think you get the picture. Running your own business is awesome and also so much involved. I made the comment to Donnie last night if an online business was this tough, I can't imagine what a "brick & mortar" business would be like. He told me it might be easier?? Maybe because there would be more than me? Either way, I'm happy in my little corner in the Big World...just have to find more time in a day! and/or more sleep! :o)
I made time for a wonderful walk last night with Donnie~the air was cool, breezy, and I think I asked him questions the whole 2-3 miles we walked...I guess I needed to just release some energy in a productive way...thank you Donnie for going with me (he'd already walked that morning before work with one of our friends and neighbors).
Well, I'm off to make my To Do List for Today...wish me luck!! haha I hope everyone has a wonderful is gorgeous here in Sunny Florida, our weather is cool (unexpected), all the birds and furry friends have been out singing and eating this morning, and TeddyBear has been out chasing them all is right with the world!! Think Positive~be kind~Pay it Forward~Enjoy. Until next time~Lynn

Monday, May 16, 2011


Last night or I should say very early this morning, thanks to "The Late Night QUEENS BNR" Curator Scarletess, on Team Etsy, I was featured in her Treasury List!! The next thing I know, I have my FIRST sale on Etsy to a wonderful person named Lindsay, whose shop sells handmade candles! Her Etsy shop's name is: Lindsay's Lovely Candles and her name on Etsy is I was so excited, I'm not sure what Scarletess' group thought of me and my comments but I was over the top with excitement and disbelief!! I want to thank "The Late Night QUEENS BNR" Team and especially Curator, Scarlettess, (who I have found to be Tessa and her Etsy shop is so much for what they did for me...I was FOUND!! With all the thousands, no probably millions of shops on Etsy, my shop was discovered last night. I'm still having a hard time believing it this morning...also trying to stay awake...I'm sure I didn't get much sleep last night! :0)  As a thank you for being my very first customer, I refunded Lindsay's shipping since she had already paid with PayPal...this just seemed appropriate since she was my FIRST!! Now that I've had one cup of tea, probably need another one and a shower to wake up some more (me smiling), I need to see which set of rubber stamps from my Destash~Spring Cleaning, she purchased and get them packaged and to the Post Office. I'm going to include a little "surprise gift" also as soon as I figure out what it will be. For those that know me, I love surprising others (nice surprises) only takes a few extra minutes and the recipient is usually pleased. I found new friends on Etsy last night/this morning~others that took the time to find someone who hadn't had a sale yet and give them a chance~the world is full of wonderful people...I just happen to be lucky enough to keep finding them, especially when you least expect it!!! I still believe that paying it forward brings it back to you ten-fold.
I hope all of you have a TERRIFIC day...I'm still on Cloud 9...remember to think it nice to others...enjoy the small things in life...until next time....Lynn

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Destash-Spring Cleaning to Me!!

Destash...a word that I have come to know means cleaning out your own "extra stash" of supplies. DESTASH~to me, I'm calling it SPRING CLEANING!! 
We seem to collect so much over time, I know I have. Then you think to yourself if there was a fire and/or emergency, what would you grab on your way out? For me, it would be my dog, TeddyBear, then the fireproof box of all the important papers, and if I had time pictures. So then I look around at everything else that lives in our home and think what about you? Yes, it may be important but not to the degree of certain items. So I'm starting my Spring Cleaning (me smiling) with all my extra supplies and offering them in my Etsy Shop. I feel someone else should gain from my extras...whether I put a few items together and create a good selection or just list items individually like rubber stamps, fabric, ribbon, trims and etc. I feel we all win...I earn a little money from all the "extra supplies/stuff" and someone else wins by buying at a fraction of the cost! Another EUREKA moment, is putting together paper that mixed media artists, scrapbook enthusiats, and others use for their various crafts called Emphera.  A word I have a hard time saying but from all I've been told from friends, artists, crafters is very important. Since I am the "keeper" of all the old paperwork and pictures from both my parents' home and my mother-in-law's that no one wanted, I'm beginning to put paper together and see how much I come up with. Maybe I'll have enough for several listings whether on Etsy and/or my eBay shop, lreclaimedtreasures...sounds like a wonderful way of recycling!!
Well I'm off to list more Destash...come check out items from my personal collection and see if there is any that you can use~PLEASE!! This way I can declutter~rather Spring Clean my home!! :0)
I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. As Donnie and I enjoyed our lunch at Firehouse Subs sitting outside in the breeze and carrying on conversation with others eating at different tables it was nice and relaxing. The weather was perfect: sunny, just warm enough and a breeze! awwww, what a great time....too soon though, our summer heat will descend upon us with 90 plus degree temperatures and high humidity and sitting outside will be like a I'll remember this day and think back to the wonderful time we had.
Take care...treat others nicely....think positive....and come back to my little corner of the world soon and check out what other Eureka moments I might come up with!!! :0)  Until next time~Lynn

Monday, May 9, 2011

Gifts of Kindness and Love

What a Wonderful Mother's Day!! Actually, my Mother's Day started earlier in the week with a day with Stacy enjoying two new restaurants, shopping, finding my garden flag and sewing cart for My Studio, we wore each other out! It was a long day, yet full of laughs, ideas and fun and I enjoyed every minute...thank you Stacy.
Sunday was spent enjoying my son, Jason, and his girlfriend, Clare, all day! They brought the turkey, Donnie fried it, chickens and squash. I cooked acre peas, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, gravy, broccoli and cauliflower salad, fruit salad, cucumbers, tomatoes, and sweet pickles, and white chocolate mousse for dessert. We laughed, talked about college, plans for summer, friends, family and most of all enjoyed each other's company. They brought me a flower for my flower bed, a card (I cried over-tears of joy), and gave me their time...there isn't much more one person needs. Thank you Donnie, Jason and Clare for a wonderful day!
In addition to all that, Clare's mom, sent me presents/gifts of some of her crafting supplies!! Three boxes! It felt like Christmas to me! I enjoyed looking at almost every single item in the boxes-each time you brought one thing out, there was more and more underneath! Now my mind is going crazy trying to think of all the things I can do with it~Rebecca your kindness is much appreciated!
This Mother's Day Weekend the Lord also called home a dear lady, Mrs. Taylor. She was a very special lady to me as I got to know her through my sister's husband (at the time) and she was so unique you wanted to know more. You had to gain her trust first and once you did you were friends for life~she was German and apparently that was how they did things. I loved to listen to her tell stories, especially her accent. I will pay my final respects and celebrate her life on Wednesday. After learning of Mrs. Taylor's passing, it opened the "flood gates" for missing my own Mother...even though I know she is with me spiritually daily, there are some moments, which I can't explain, I just lose it and break down from missing her so much. My Mother was my
Best Friend; we shared hot tea in the afternoons (even in the middle of summer!), literally shopped till we dropped, learned between us so many crafts and long forgotten artisan skills. Our trips and times at the beaches are still some of my favorites...the picture I have looked at all weekend was of my mother on the pier at Ft. Clinch State Park in Fernandina Beach, Florida~her smile was there as always.
My Sister, Jan, and I talked Saturday morning...checking on each other and wishing the other a wonderful weekend. The excitement was also in my sister's voice regarding her wedding dress...she found "The ONE!" I am so excited and happy for her. Since this is her second and last marriage, she wants everything perfect~so do I and I want her to be extremely happy. I have a feeling she will as she is marrying into a "large-close-knit" family...something we haven't had for a long time and she has truly missed. Now that one of the major components of the wedding has been checked off, on to the smaller details and fun...I still have to find my dress, since I've been given the honor of being Matron of Honor!
I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend enjoying all the things you love, being with those that mean so much to you, and remembering the friends and family from our life that have shaped us into the amazing human beings we are today. Thank you Lord for honoring me with such amazing people in my life.~Lynn

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Itty Bitty Blank Canvas

These are the cutest things...I just love their size! However, trying to work on them because I am embroidering parts of it is really challenging. I think they will be adorable when I'm finished...hoping to finish today...If I do I will upload a picture. I'm stretched for time today as I have soooo many projects going and tomorrow is Mother's Day. My son and his girlfriend are coming tomorrow, I'm excited, back from college for the day, sad because my daughter has to work-but she'll be back later, and of course, remembering my Mother whose spirit sits on my shoulder and laughs at all of my shenanigans!! So cooking part of the meal today, my husband cooking part tomorrow, being able to enjoy my family and spend time together, sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day. I better get busy!!! LOL
Wishing everyone a Wonderful Mother's Day...Lynn 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Sewing Storage Unit

I was so excited!! My sewing storage unit took 20-30 mins. top to put together!! It was a breeze...I highly recommend this unit....especially when you can find it like mine On Sale!! I love how it will open up for longer projects and then I can fold it neatly away...I think I am going to love having this to work on. Here are pictures of my sewing storage unit:

Now for the "beast" that took forever to put also happens to be for my daughter, Stacy, and her art supplies...I'm not sure how well that will work out...this unit I'm not sure I would recommend mainly based on the "stability" of it, beside the fact it has soooo many pieces. The bottom panels for the drawers are very thin-she won't be able to put anything heavy in them...also, when she moves, it will have to be moved as one piece and lifted...I don't think it would survive being taken apart and it does not have any casters on the bottom nor was there room to add any. In spite of all that, it will serve her purpose for now. This is her storage unit:

Stacy's unit was expensive, in my opinion, so make sure it is either on sale or you have a coupon.

My other addition to My Studio, is Mom, my purple African Violet. My mother, whom I miss beyond words, was a master gardener, me, not so much. The antique plant stand that I have Mom on in her home was completely covered in African Violets in all stages of growth and bloom. I thought I'd start with one and see how she likes it in My Studio beside the window which gets the morning light. I found a ceramic violet planter that my Mother had also made in lavender-now to plant her in it and see how well she blooms!! Thank goodness it is a self-watering Mother must have been thinking ahead!! hehe
I'm still working on getting My Studio up and together so I'm only showing bits and pieces. I promise as soon as I've got it all together, I will post pictures of the entire room! I can hardly wait.

I'm wishing all Mothers out there a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend (yes, weekend!)...may you be able to enjoy it with family and friends...find relaxation...Enjoy...and for those like myself whose Mothers are with them daily in spirit sitting on our shoulders, may they be remembered with positive memories, stories and pictures. God Bless each and every one of you. Until next time, Lynn

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Furniture in a Box!

Oh, the picture looks great....but then you open the box and OMG there are pieces among pieces among pieces! This was my experience yesterday as I tried to assemble a storage center. I'm still working on creating my retreat/studio but needed more storage space. So Stacy, my daughter, and I thought we would look at all storage options. Be Aware! After 11pm last night, I finished one storage center...I feel like a truck ran over me. It looks great-even like the picture on the time I'll know what I'm in for...oh, that's right, I have another one to put together today!! This one is a little different...hopefully not as difficult.
However, on the BRIGHT side, my Studio is coming together...I'll post pictures tomorrow once I remove the clutter from the assemble it yourself storage!! :-)
It is cool out this morning, the sun is shinning and my furry friends are all out. I need to fill the bird feeders and put corn out for the squirrels--will add to my list. I wish each of you a wonderful it forward...give your smile and hug to another and always remember God is there for you. Make today a great day!!
Back to the drawing board---haha---almost literally!! Take care friends, until next time. Lynn

Monday, May 2, 2011

Flat Stanley

Have you ever participated in a Flat Stanley project? Know what Flat Stanley is? I feel honored to have been included by A.J. from Texas to participate in his Flat Stanley project. Basically, it is a drawing of a boy that is mailed to different family and friends to see how many places Flat Stanley can visit in a certain time and gain geography knowledge. I felt even more special as Flat Stanley's visit to me was his last visit on his tour before returning to school. Donnie, my wonderful husband, and I took Flat Stanley out for the day yesterday and enjoyed the sites and sounds of Lake City, Florida!! We visited our new Firehouse Subs with its awesome drink machine (I could play with that all day myself), the high school where Donnie is an Administrator, our District DOT building, our Historic Downtown, Courthouse, Lake DeSoto, our very special friend and Chef, Dana Faucher at The Blue Roof Grill, and then home to help Donnie clean up his bike (motorcycle), meet Teddy Bear and help me out in the Studio. Once Stacy, our daughter, returned from work, we watched one of my favorite shows on FoodNetwork, Last Cake Standing, then off to bed. I would say Flat Stanley had an eventful day and time in Lake City. In addition to this, Flat Stanley had to write a letter describing his time here and what he did; that was a long letter but cute, I think. Today I must mail Flat Stanley back to A.J., along with all the goodies we collected for him to share about Lake City. I will be sad to see Flat Stanley leave but I have the pictures to remember him by! I'm even posting a couple here for you to enjoy.

As you can see, we enjoyed ourselves immensely!! Always remember to take the time to help someone else, even if your plans are delayed. You never know how much that little boost or in this case, all the pictures he can share with his fellow classmates might mean. So once I get Flat Stanley and all his goodies packaged up and mailed, it will be back to business at Ladybug's Cottage.
Wishing everyone a wonderful day! Pay it forward and the reward is even greater!
Until next time, Lynn

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Social Butterfly

This is the name I'm giving to my crocheted butterfly seems appropriate now...I couldn't decide on a background for her, even after trying different mediums...finally, a black "velvet-like" fabric underneath makes her stand out (thank you Jan for the idea). Looking to see if "pearl-like" beads for the eyes will do her justice and some seed beads incorporated into the wings will bring her to life. This is my challenge today or one of them :-)  still working on My Studio and getting it organized, which will take time I know; I also have to add some more kits to my shop! I got so involved in making the butterfly picture come to life, I let it take up all my time. This is one of those things I will have to remember: if you're going to sell it, you cannot put a lot of time into unless you are going to charge an exurbanite amount--which I'm not. At the same time, I'm not going to try to sell something I don't feel is up to par either--a balancing act, I'm finding out. Oh, the things you learn as a business owner!!

It is a gorgeous day today...all my feathered friends are out in the yard and lot eating breakfast, the sun is up and God has given us another wonderful! I hope each and every one of you enjoy your day, take time to stop and enjoy a moment of what we have, pay it forward, and laugh...laugh as many times a day as you can-it really does make you feel better--and pass on your smile and positive attitude to another.

I'd like to put little squiggles here and there and make it look like a picture; however, I haven't learned how to do that yet, so I'm waving and smiling to you!!! ~Lynn~

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nan's Gift to Me

I'm blessed to have a  very special friend, Nan, whom I can go without seeing or talking to for weeks or longer and when you see each other you pick up the conversation like it was just yesterday. I hope everyone else is as blessed to have a friend(s) like this~they are very rare and need to be treasured, which I do!! 

Yesterday was a wonderful day...I got to spend the day and part of the evening with Nan (thank you) and had an amazing time. Before leaving for Gainesville, Nan presented me with this:

My special gift, I was and am so touched, for My Studio that Nan made for Me!! My photography doesn't do it justice; however, it is 6x6, has my ladybug on it, even on the paper, my initial in silver foil, which also wraps around the frame, the title to my shop underneath, a beautiful red and white polka dot bow, and hangs from a ball chain....PERFECT! Nan, will be selling her works of art in her soon as it is up and going I'll post a notice here so you can visit and see all of her creations...I was able to get some of the "inside" scoop on some she is are going to love them!!! 

Nan helps me in ways she doesn't even know...she shares her expertise (commercial graphic artist), teaches me about tricks of the trade for online business, listens, laughs with me, I can be myself, and treats me like an equal, I could go on and on, let's just say, when you find someone this special and rare-hold on tight!
...this is a friend...a very special one...whom I treasure a lot. 

After an appointment, our excuse for the trip :-), we shared and enjoyed each other's company at Red Lobster and had the waiter with the best sense of humor and attitude, Casey...great young man. We bounced ideas off each other all day, came up with new ones, checked out Books a Million~dangerous place for us haha, took in Joann's, Dollar Tree (still wish we had ours...please bring it back!), and a quick trip in K-Mart. Time flies when you're with someone who shares your same interests, likes, and sometimes can say what you are about was after 7pm before we left Gainesville and Nan's husband I'm sure thought I had kidnapped her. Steve is a great guy and thankfully takes it all in stride when Nan and I go off for the day...thank you Steve!

I'm headed back to My Studio this morning to move my table and supplies in...probably won't get much organizing accomplished, because I want to work on the "butterfly" picture and hopefully finish it this weekend. Thank you Nan for some great insight regarding this project. Also a couple of little "works of art" that I want to see how they turn out. So I better get busy!! :)

I wish each and everyone a wonderful day...the sun is out here, the squirrels were in the yard scampering about, the High School Prom is tonight-wishing all of the young ladies and men a great time and please be careful. Even though I'm not English nor royalty, I watched a part of the tapping of the Royal Wedding last night-what a perfect couple...Kate was gorgeous and looks regal without overdoing...William's smile was there...I know Diana was looking down feeling so proud!

Enjoy your day!!!! Lynn

Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Friday

Good Morning Everyone...I hope this finds you doing well this morning and having survived the terrible storms of yesterday. Please say a special prayer for those that lost their homes and communities in the Mississippi, Alabama area yesterday~and another special prayer for those that lost family members-may they be able to find comfort and strength from God to be strong throughout all of this.
Yesterday, my daughter Stacy and I enjoyed a great day together and were able to find some new door mats at Lowe's for the room, along with a new addition of a purple African Violet~in honor of my Mom, the African Violet will have a new home in the room in front of the window on my mother's antique plant stand where she grew African Violets. I don't have a green thumb like her, so I'll start off with one and maybe work in a couple of different houseplants also. Stacy bought me a Ladybug flag, of course, for outside...the theme will be carried over to the outside. We spent quite a bit of time at Lowe's and made comments about a lot of different hardware that could be incorporated into the room for storage. It's amazing that one of my favorite stores is a hardware store, especially Lowe's. There are so many different items that can be turned into and used for all my needs!!! We refrained ourselves from going overboard until I find everything I already have and incorporate that into the room, then to see what else I need!! What fun!
I am meeting some wonderful people online, as I did when I joined Facebook a year ago...I'll be adding to my list of people that inspire me under the caption "My Inspiration". Please check them out...the world is full of talented and special people!
I just saw a bunny in the yard eating when I let Teddy Bear (my Shih Tzu) out...he was a big, brown bunny! He just kept on eating while Teddy was out there except by the time I got my phone (to take a picture) he had hopped away...I'll keep looking for time I'll have my phone with me!
I'm off today to help a dear friend, my special friend Nan...of course, we will visit a few stores in the course of the day...just being around creative people, I feel brings your own creative level to new on the drive to an appointment, we will bounce ideas off each other~what fun!!
I wish each of you a wonderful day...full of laughter, fun, love, relaxing and of course, paying it forward. We would not be where we are today, without paying it forward, I believe. So give a smile, a helping hand, a hug, a word of encouragement~give of yourself-the reward is even greater.
Happy Friday....with Love, Lynn

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Studio

It seems so weird to be saying "My Studio"...this room has been a screened porch, children's playroom, parents and mother-in-law suite, to storage of stuff, now it is beginning to take shape as my "retreat" and room for creativity! For the last couple of days, the room has been cleaned out, carpet removed, new overhead lights installed (thank you Donnie) and concrete floors sealed. Yesterday, I painted the concrete floors gray! Now to check for areas that might need  touch-ups and then the fun begins! I can start arranging the room and getting supplies organized. Then I'll have a place to be creative...I can hardly wait! I took pictures from the beginning of the prep work, not of the storage clutter~that should be forever embedded in my mind! :) I'll upload a couple so you can follow the progress also. I'm hoping that by this weekend, if not sooner, I can "move in" to the Studio!! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

My Etsy shop is open during all of this "work in progress"...check it out...
Keep checking back for progress! Lynn

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Beautiful Day

Good Morning Everyone! It is a beautiful morning with the sun shinning and all the birds feeding and flying in the yard. We are supposed to have another hot day...I know I live in Florida; however, it seems our weather skipped right over Spring and went straight to Summer temperatures...I have a feeling it is going to be a very long, hot one...thank goodness for air conditioning!

Today I am continuing on my "studio"...that seems so weird to say! hehe I am converting a back room in the house which has been everything from an enclosed patio, to our children's playroom, to our parents' apartment over the years into my place to create. Yesterday was taking out carpet and cleaning the, hopefully, will be sealing the concrete and possibly painting the floor. Yes, painting the floor! Right now my money is going into supplies/etc., so area rugs will have to wait. I do have a summer area rug with bright stripes around 7 ft. long that I'll use in the room. One step at a time. So I'll create around the "mess" in the other part of the house for now...I've learned over the years to adapt to any environment! :) Just makes like a little more interesting. I'm taking pictures to document...I'll post some tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'm working on embossing butterflies and hand embroidering a meadow as the background for my crocheted butterfly picture. Will also try to put together a couple more scrapbook/altered art/mixed media kits today and post. I am learning that keeping the online business going is a 24-48 hr. job!! I'm so excited though that I have been given this second opportunity in life that I'm enjoying all that goes with it!!

I wish you all a wonderful day...I'll try to post pictures tomorrow of my studio's progress and also give you some other Etsy shops to take a look at...there are soooooo many talented people on Etsy...I feel extremely honored to be a part of this site.

My Etsy shop is Ladybugs   Believe me I was so excited when that name was available on Etsy, along with Facebook and Blogger. For me, it was all meant to be! If you go to my Etsy shop, you can go to my Favorites and visit some truly unique shops...make sure you're comfortable and have a glass of iced tea or your favorite beverage, you'll be there for awhile...I know I am!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A New Beginning

This is a new beginning...a new venture in my life. I've opened my shop on Etsy (thank you very much for letting me be a part of it). I'm creating little works of art and one of a kind kits to make your imagination and creativity go wild! I love technology; however, I feel that your mind is the greatest gift there is and should be utilized to the fullest. I hope that my little corner in the world brings a smile to your face and provides you a place to come and visit often. With my shop being new, I will be adding new ideas and creations weekly~so please check back often. In the meantime, thank you for visiting. Have a wonderful day!