Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Beginning...

It's been a WILD RIDE so far and there is more to go!! Since last time I wrote, I found out on the spur of the moment (in my 3 day period), the attic had to be cleaned out also!! Oh, the treasures that were found!! LOL The 70's and 80's were back, along with my wedding dress from 1980! What a hoot cleaning out the attic became! We did get the back room off...I did mention I became part of the Demolition Crew!! In a weekend, we took down the back room and flat roof off of it...we have a 20 yd. dumpster in our backyard full of construction demo material. Since then, the concrete has been poured, I got to WATER it for 2 days!! LOL and as of yesterday, the framing of the room was done...I have this wonderful OPEN skylight to see the stars at the trusses haven't been put on yet-supposed to be Monday. I have come to realize, work is done around the "chief's" schedule...the headman in charge...when you think no one is going to come that day, scratch what plans you made, because he shows up! Today I thought maybe I could sleep, just a, just when you thought it was safe to go into the water...the phone rings...nothing surprising around this place but today at 7am we need to buy Hardiboard and wrap for the house. Between Thursday night and yesterday, I almost lost it completely--my sanity, my patience. Thursday late afternoon, they came to take down some tree limbs from our HUGE oak tree that would be hanging over the room. They landed on my concrete that had just been poured 2 days before!! Yesterday at 7am, the hammering, sawing, you name it started. With the noise outside and me inside trying to list Destash supplies to my shop, I felt like I was going to climb the walls! By 11am, I asked them if they didn't need to take a break and go eat lunch or I needed to leave the house...jokingly, they asked if the noise was bothering me...ugggggggggggggghhhhh....I don't think I need to say more. I'm trying very hard to be patient...I know that the room will be better and I will enjoy its beauty when all is finished...thank you all for your comments and support. It won't be "my little room" anymore, we decided to make it into a media/tv room for everyone to enjoy..."my little room/world" I've claimed now as the carport that was enclosed years ago that has a stone fireplace in the room. Once the room and roof are finished, they are going to put hardiboard around the rest of the house. Since I didn't get a window in the "carport enclosure" as requested then, I will now! So that area will have natural light and my craft table will be placed directly underneath it...there is a recessed space off to the side where all the craft supplies I intend to keep will be placed. Right now with my world upside down and definitely TOO MUCH STUFF, I'm listing/will be listing probably 90% of my supplies. I need to be able to clear everything out and then decide what I want to focus on...what makes me happy to work on everyday that I want to list in my Etsy Shop...I've found other Etsians (as they are called) usually go through this months to years after starting out...mine just stop a Giant a Leap of Faith...which I'm referring this to. It is my Faith with God that I feel if I list all of the excess and hopefully it sells over time, that he will show me which direction to go in.

I'm going to list a few pictures so you can see the progress so really is amazing to see how far it has come in such a short amount of time...the physical labor is taxing on a body though along with the heat...I really don't know how these guys do it every day. Oh, did I tell you, I "resigned" from the crew Thursday night after moving fallen/cut tree health, which took years to regain, is definitely more important than me being a part of the crew...if I have to pay someone to take my place, I'll do without something else to finish the room for awhile.

Hope you enjoy the pictures...thanks for following along and laughing/crying with me as this zany/funny/comical situation always, Pay it Forward, Think of Others...Until next time....~Lynn

Thursday, June 2, 2011


My little "retreat", My Studio, My Etsy Shop, Myself, are all learning the true meaning of actually began about a month ago when our homeowner's insurance cancelled use because we didn't have a new roof! So between discussions back and forth, we've been given a 2 week grace period to get a contract and 30 days for the work to be completed! 30 days!! As my little "retreat"-the beginning of "My Studio", was getting settled into the back room, as I've described earlier, we have been temporarily relocated to the smallest bedroom in the house. I will say good-bye to my little retreat as I've come to know it, Friday is being torn down to have a newer room built there, along with a new metal roof. I'm learning through life, you have to "roll with the punches" as nothing stays the same. The Serenity Prayer I embroidered for my Mother as a child and I have in my home, I must continue to read and re-read. I know that the room will be better, newer and actually a part of the house...I'm just sad because of all the work that went into my little room. So I thought I was "disorganized" before! LOL You haven't seen anything yet!! I have a few projects that only needed a couple of things to finish them, maybe I'll be lucky and find the tools!
This reminded me of when my parents became ill and had to come live with us on the spur of the moment-literally! We moved boxes, papers, you name it to make room for hospital beds and equipment in my same little room all in one day! This time around, I have three day has come and gone and 98% of my little room is vacant, today I'll finish it and the small storage room attached, tomorrow will be to make sure I have everything out, anything fragile on the other side of the wall taken down, just in case the demolition happens to make it fall. As I was told, this is Part 1...over the next 30 days my life will be turned upside down and backwards...maybe I'll know how a caterpillar morphs into a beautiful butterfly. I'll document our as my journey on learning extreme patience begins, follow along and we'll see what Ladybug's Cottage becomes.
Wishing you a wonderful day full of love, friendship, guidance, and as always, Pay It Forward.
Until next time~Lynn