Saturday, May 7, 2011

Itty Bitty Blank Canvas

These are the cutest things...I just love their size! However, trying to work on them because I am embroidering parts of it is really challenging. I think they will be adorable when I'm finished...hoping to finish today...If I do I will upload a picture. I'm stretched for time today as I have soooo many projects going and tomorrow is Mother's Day. My son and his girlfriend are coming tomorrow, I'm excited, back from college for the day, sad because my daughter has to work-but she'll be back later, and of course, remembering my Mother whose spirit sits on my shoulder and laughs at all of my shenanigans!! So cooking part of the meal today, my husband cooking part tomorrow, being able to enjoy my family and spend time together, sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day. I better get busy!!! LOL
Wishing everyone a Wonderful Mother's Day...Lynn 

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