Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Beginning...

It's been a WILD RIDE so far and there is more to go!! Since last time I wrote, I found out on the spur of the moment (in my 3 day period), the attic had to be cleaned out also!! Oh, the treasures that were found!! LOL The 70's and 80's were back, along with my wedding dress from 1980! What a hoot cleaning out the attic became! We did get the back room off...I did mention I became part of the Demolition Crew!! In a weekend, we took down the back room and flat roof off of it...we have a 20 yd. dumpster in our backyard full of construction demo material. Since then, the concrete has been poured, I got to WATER it for 2 days!! LOL and as of yesterday, the framing of the room was done...I have this wonderful OPEN skylight to see the stars at the trusses haven't been put on yet-supposed to be Monday. I have come to realize, work is done around the "chief's" schedule...the headman in charge...when you think no one is going to come that day, scratch what plans you made, because he shows up! Today I thought maybe I could sleep, just a, just when you thought it was safe to go into the water...the phone rings...nothing surprising around this place but today at 7am we need to buy Hardiboard and wrap for the house. Between Thursday night and yesterday, I almost lost it completely--my sanity, my patience. Thursday late afternoon, they came to take down some tree limbs from our HUGE oak tree that would be hanging over the room. They landed on my concrete that had just been poured 2 days before!! Yesterday at 7am, the hammering, sawing, you name it started. With the noise outside and me inside trying to list Destash supplies to my shop, I felt like I was going to climb the walls! By 11am, I asked them if they didn't need to take a break and go eat lunch or I needed to leave the house...jokingly, they asked if the noise was bothering me...ugggggggggggggghhhhh....I don't think I need to say more. I'm trying very hard to be patient...I know that the room will be better and I will enjoy its beauty when all is finished...thank you all for your comments and support. It won't be "my little room" anymore, we decided to make it into a media/tv room for everyone to enjoy..."my little room/world" I've claimed now as the carport that was enclosed years ago that has a stone fireplace in the room. Once the room and roof are finished, they are going to put hardiboard around the rest of the house. Since I didn't get a window in the "carport enclosure" as requested then, I will now! So that area will have natural light and my craft table will be placed directly underneath it...there is a recessed space off to the side where all the craft supplies I intend to keep will be placed. Right now with my world upside down and definitely TOO MUCH STUFF, I'm listing/will be listing probably 90% of my supplies. I need to be able to clear everything out and then decide what I want to focus on...what makes me happy to work on everyday that I want to list in my Etsy Shop...I've found other Etsians (as they are called) usually go through this months to years after starting out...mine just stop a Giant a Leap of Faith...which I'm referring this to. It is my Faith with God that I feel if I list all of the excess and hopefully it sells over time, that he will show me which direction to go in.

I'm going to list a few pictures so you can see the progress so really is amazing to see how far it has come in such a short amount of time...the physical labor is taxing on a body though along with the heat...I really don't know how these guys do it every day. Oh, did I tell you, I "resigned" from the crew Thursday night after moving fallen/cut tree health, which took years to regain, is definitely more important than me being a part of the crew...if I have to pay someone to take my place, I'll do without something else to finish the room for awhile.

Hope you enjoy the pictures...thanks for following along and laughing/crying with me as this zany/funny/comical situation always, Pay it Forward, Think of Others...Until next time....~Lynn

Thursday, June 2, 2011


My little "retreat", My Studio, My Etsy Shop, Myself, are all learning the true meaning of actually began about a month ago when our homeowner's insurance cancelled use because we didn't have a new roof! So between discussions back and forth, we've been given a 2 week grace period to get a contract and 30 days for the work to be completed! 30 days!! As my little "retreat"-the beginning of "My Studio", was getting settled into the back room, as I've described earlier, we have been temporarily relocated to the smallest bedroom in the house. I will say good-bye to my little retreat as I've come to know it, Friday is being torn down to have a newer room built there, along with a new metal roof. I'm learning through life, you have to "roll with the punches" as nothing stays the same. The Serenity Prayer I embroidered for my Mother as a child and I have in my home, I must continue to read and re-read. I know that the room will be better, newer and actually a part of the house...I'm just sad because of all the work that went into my little room. So I thought I was "disorganized" before! LOL You haven't seen anything yet!! I have a few projects that only needed a couple of things to finish them, maybe I'll be lucky and find the tools!
This reminded me of when my parents became ill and had to come live with us on the spur of the moment-literally! We moved boxes, papers, you name it to make room for hospital beds and equipment in my same little room all in one day! This time around, I have three day has come and gone and 98% of my little room is vacant, today I'll finish it and the small storage room attached, tomorrow will be to make sure I have everything out, anything fragile on the other side of the wall taken down, just in case the demolition happens to make it fall. As I was told, this is Part 1...over the next 30 days my life will be turned upside down and backwards...maybe I'll know how a caterpillar morphs into a beautiful butterfly. I'll document our as my journey on learning extreme patience begins, follow along and we'll see what Ladybug's Cottage becomes.
Wishing you a wonderful day full of love, friendship, guidance, and as always, Pay It Forward.
Until next time~Lynn

Saturday, May 28, 2011


We have so much to be THANKFUL for...I for one must keep this in mind when my life seems to get out of control. I must remember to take one step at a time, stop and smell the flowers, enjoy the day that the Lord gave me, my family and friends, and how far health-wise I have come. So keeping all of this in mind, I wish each and everyone of you a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend. Remember those that have and are representing our country this weekend...pray for their safety.

Until next time~Lynn

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

End of School, Summer Vacation, Father's Day, 4th of July

I'm looking at all of the events in the next few weeks and coming months...for those that have children~be prepared, especially for the "I'm bored" comments!! hehe For those of us that are older, we've been there, done it and bought the t-shirt several times over!! Putting technology aside for a minute, try to think of ways that your children can not only entertain themselves but THEY will think it is fun!! Tall order I know. You would be surprised though at the simplest things that work. I love Family Fun Magazine...I go to it online...some of the ideas may sound silly to you but presented correctly to a child, could make all the difference. Take a look and see for yourself....also remember, children need time by themselves to think, draw, write and learn to entertain themselves. My children (who are young adults now) were six years apart in age...that's a tough juggling act...however, it can be done. I must have done a good job because for Mother's Day I got a card from my son saying things that made me cry (in a good way) and from his girlfriend also saying special things that made me cry (again in a good way). My daughter and I spent a whole day together laughing, exploring, shopping, and enjoying each other's company. I feel very blessed because not only did both of my children and one I feel is like family already, want to spend time with me, they did it willingly and we enjoyed simple things in life.  So Make the Time for your Children...think creatively, be inventive, and most of all HAVE FUN!
Yesterday, ideas just kept coming...putting together a different kind of Imagination Station Kit was one of them...I'm working on it...almost have it together...will show you hopefully this weekend before I list it in My Shop.
In the meantime, with Graduation and Father's Day around the corner, have you thought about making a paper bag album and including gift cards to their favorite restaurants, coffee shops, hang outs? For the Senior graduating and heading off to college, think about items that could be used in their dorm and/or apartment. This was me last year...frantically buying to furnish accessories/food for an apartment for our son who moved away to go to college and live in a furnished apartment. Think of some of their favorite cards to their favorite video game is always welcome as I was told (haha)...also send them copies of their favorite recipes you cook....most importantly though, send them with all the vital health/insurance information and cards they need. It's amazing how quickly they grow up and become independent. Mine still receives the occasional "college survival kit" from home, basically full of his favorite store-bought cookies, homemade cookies, and "junk food".
If you are lucky enough to still have your Father with you, TIME WITH YOU is what he wants. Your time spent together enjoying an outing, an event, food, a project you can do together...just time together. Special times are memories you hold close to your heart that you remember when they aren't with you physically anymore, only spiritually, like mine. I can remember picnics at the beach, days at the river, days at our home with the children in the pool, and many, many more. Enjoy those times...enjoy your time with Your Father.
I better get going today...I wish for everyone a beautiful day, we are enjoying a terrific day-sunny, cool, breezy, awww just right...wish you were here! Be kind to others...Think Positive...Pay it Forward....Be Yourself. Until next time~Lynn

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Do you ever have so many IDEAS running through your mind that it's hard to focus on just one??? That seems to be my dilemma this morning. My To Do List seems to be getting longer and longer, instead of shorter! lol I have ideas of new things I want to put in My Shop, special gifts I'm trying to make "come together" for my sister and soon-to-be husband, along with wording for a Toast at their reception, and the list goes on and on.....  Then after my wonderful day yesterday (still jumping up and down) I figured out I need little thank you cards already made, free gift with purchase already made, I think you get the picture. Running your own business is awesome and also so much involved. I made the comment to Donnie last night if an online business was this tough, I can't imagine what a "brick & mortar" business would be like. He told me it might be easier?? Maybe because there would be more than me? Either way, I'm happy in my little corner in the Big World...just have to find more time in a day! and/or more sleep! :o)
I made time for a wonderful walk last night with Donnie~the air was cool, breezy, and I think I asked him questions the whole 2-3 miles we walked...I guess I needed to just release some energy in a productive way...thank you Donnie for going with me (he'd already walked that morning before work with one of our friends and neighbors).
Well, I'm off to make my To Do List for Today...wish me luck!! haha I hope everyone has a wonderful is gorgeous here in Sunny Florida, our weather is cool (unexpected), all the birds and furry friends have been out singing and eating this morning, and TeddyBear has been out chasing them all is right with the world!! Think Positive~be kind~Pay it Forward~Enjoy. Until next time~Lynn

Monday, May 16, 2011


Last night or I should say very early this morning, thanks to "The Late Night QUEENS BNR" Curator Scarletess, on Team Etsy, I was featured in her Treasury List!! The next thing I know, I have my FIRST sale on Etsy to a wonderful person named Lindsay, whose shop sells handmade candles! Her Etsy shop's name is: Lindsay's Lovely Candles and her name on Etsy is I was so excited, I'm not sure what Scarletess' group thought of me and my comments but I was over the top with excitement and disbelief!! I want to thank "The Late Night QUEENS BNR" Team and especially Curator, Scarlettess, (who I have found to be Tessa and her Etsy shop is so much for what they did for me...I was FOUND!! With all the thousands, no probably millions of shops on Etsy, my shop was discovered last night. I'm still having a hard time believing it this morning...also trying to stay awake...I'm sure I didn't get much sleep last night! :0)  As a thank you for being my very first customer, I refunded Lindsay's shipping since she had already paid with PayPal...this just seemed appropriate since she was my FIRST!! Now that I've had one cup of tea, probably need another one and a shower to wake up some more (me smiling), I need to see which set of rubber stamps from my Destash~Spring Cleaning, she purchased and get them packaged and to the Post Office. I'm going to include a little "surprise gift" also as soon as I figure out what it will be. For those that know me, I love surprising others (nice surprises) only takes a few extra minutes and the recipient is usually pleased. I found new friends on Etsy last night/this morning~others that took the time to find someone who hadn't had a sale yet and give them a chance~the world is full of wonderful people...I just happen to be lucky enough to keep finding them, especially when you least expect it!!! I still believe that paying it forward brings it back to you ten-fold.
I hope all of you have a TERRIFIC day...I'm still on Cloud 9...remember to think it nice to others...enjoy the small things in life...until next time....Lynn

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Destash-Spring Cleaning to Me!!

Destash...a word that I have come to know means cleaning out your own "extra stash" of supplies. DESTASH~to me, I'm calling it SPRING CLEANING!! 
We seem to collect so much over time, I know I have. Then you think to yourself if there was a fire and/or emergency, what would you grab on your way out? For me, it would be my dog, TeddyBear, then the fireproof box of all the important papers, and if I had time pictures. So then I look around at everything else that lives in our home and think what about you? Yes, it may be important but not to the degree of certain items. So I'm starting my Spring Cleaning (me smiling) with all my extra supplies and offering them in my Etsy Shop. I feel someone else should gain from my extras...whether I put a few items together and create a good selection or just list items individually like rubber stamps, fabric, ribbon, trims and etc. I feel we all win...I earn a little money from all the "extra supplies/stuff" and someone else wins by buying at a fraction of the cost! Another EUREKA moment, is putting together paper that mixed media artists, scrapbook enthusiats, and others use for their various crafts called Emphera.  A word I have a hard time saying but from all I've been told from friends, artists, crafters is very important. Since I am the "keeper" of all the old paperwork and pictures from both my parents' home and my mother-in-law's that no one wanted, I'm beginning to put paper together and see how much I come up with. Maybe I'll have enough for several listings whether on Etsy and/or my eBay shop, lreclaimedtreasures...sounds like a wonderful way of recycling!!
Well I'm off to list more Destash...come check out items from my personal collection and see if there is any that you can use~PLEASE!! This way I can declutter~rather Spring Clean my home!! :0)
I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. As Donnie and I enjoyed our lunch at Firehouse Subs sitting outside in the breeze and carrying on conversation with others eating at different tables it was nice and relaxing. The weather was perfect: sunny, just warm enough and a breeze! awwww, what a great time....too soon though, our summer heat will descend upon us with 90 plus degree temperatures and high humidity and sitting outside will be like a I'll remember this day and think back to the wonderful time we had.
Take care...treat others nicely....think positive....and come back to my little corner of the world soon and check out what other Eureka moments I might come up with!!! :0)  Until next time~Lynn