Wednesday, May 18, 2011

End of School, Summer Vacation, Father's Day, 4th of July

I'm looking at all of the events in the next few weeks and coming months...for those that have children~be prepared, especially for the "I'm bored" comments!! hehe For those of us that are older, we've been there, done it and bought the t-shirt several times over!! Putting technology aside for a minute, try to think of ways that your children can not only entertain themselves but THEY will think it is fun!! Tall order I know. You would be surprised though at the simplest things that work. I love Family Fun Magazine...I go to it online...some of the ideas may sound silly to you but presented correctly to a child, could make all the difference. Take a look and see for yourself....also remember, children need time by themselves to think, draw, write and learn to entertain themselves. My children (who are young adults now) were six years apart in age...that's a tough juggling act...however, it can be done. I must have done a good job because for Mother's Day I got a card from my son saying things that made me cry (in a good way) and from his girlfriend also saying special things that made me cry (again in a good way). My daughter and I spent a whole day together laughing, exploring, shopping, and enjoying each other's company. I feel very blessed because not only did both of my children and one I feel is like family already, want to spend time with me, they did it willingly and we enjoyed simple things in life.  So Make the Time for your Children...think creatively, be inventive, and most of all HAVE FUN!
Yesterday, ideas just kept coming...putting together a different kind of Imagination Station Kit was one of them...I'm working on it...almost have it together...will show you hopefully this weekend before I list it in My Shop.
In the meantime, with Graduation and Father's Day around the corner, have you thought about making a paper bag album and including gift cards to their favorite restaurants, coffee shops, hang outs? For the Senior graduating and heading off to college, think about items that could be used in their dorm and/or apartment. This was me last year...frantically buying to furnish accessories/food for an apartment for our son who moved away to go to college and live in a furnished apartment. Think of some of their favorite cards to their favorite video game is always welcome as I was told (haha)...also send them copies of their favorite recipes you cook....most importantly though, send them with all the vital health/insurance information and cards they need. It's amazing how quickly they grow up and become independent. Mine still receives the occasional "college survival kit" from home, basically full of his favorite store-bought cookies, homemade cookies, and "junk food".
If you are lucky enough to still have your Father with you, TIME WITH YOU is what he wants. Your time spent together enjoying an outing, an event, food, a project you can do together...just time together. Special times are memories you hold close to your heart that you remember when they aren't with you physically anymore, only spiritually, like mine. I can remember picnics at the beach, days at the river, days at our home with the children in the pool, and many, many more. Enjoy those times...enjoy your time with Your Father.
I better get going today...I wish for everyone a beautiful day, we are enjoying a terrific day-sunny, cool, breezy, awww just right...wish you were here! Be kind to others...Think Positive...Pay it Forward....Be Yourself. Until next time~Lynn

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