Monday, May 2, 2011

Flat Stanley

Have you ever participated in a Flat Stanley project? Know what Flat Stanley is? I feel honored to have been included by A.J. from Texas to participate in his Flat Stanley project. Basically, it is a drawing of a boy that is mailed to different family and friends to see how many places Flat Stanley can visit in a certain time and gain geography knowledge. I felt even more special as Flat Stanley's visit to me was his last visit on his tour before returning to school. Donnie, my wonderful husband, and I took Flat Stanley out for the day yesterday and enjoyed the sites and sounds of Lake City, Florida!! We visited our new Firehouse Subs with its awesome drink machine (I could play with that all day myself), the high school where Donnie is an Administrator, our District DOT building, our Historic Downtown, Courthouse, Lake DeSoto, our very special friend and Chef, Dana Faucher at The Blue Roof Grill, and then home to help Donnie clean up his bike (motorcycle), meet Teddy Bear and help me out in the Studio. Once Stacy, our daughter, returned from work, we watched one of my favorite shows on FoodNetwork, Last Cake Standing, then off to bed. I would say Flat Stanley had an eventful day and time in Lake City. In addition to this, Flat Stanley had to write a letter describing his time here and what he did; that was a long letter but cute, I think. Today I must mail Flat Stanley back to A.J., along with all the goodies we collected for him to share about Lake City. I will be sad to see Flat Stanley leave but I have the pictures to remember him by! I'm even posting a couple here for you to enjoy.

As you can see, we enjoyed ourselves immensely!! Always remember to take the time to help someone else, even if your plans are delayed. You never know how much that little boost or in this case, all the pictures he can share with his fellow classmates might mean. So once I get Flat Stanley and all his goodies packaged up and mailed, it will be back to business at Ladybug's Cottage.
Wishing everyone a wonderful day! Pay it forward and the reward is even greater!
Until next time, Lynn

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