Sunday, May 15, 2011

Destash-Spring Cleaning to Me!!

Destash...a word that I have come to know means cleaning out your own "extra stash" of supplies. DESTASH~to me, I'm calling it SPRING CLEANING!! 
We seem to collect so much over time, I know I have. Then you think to yourself if there was a fire and/or emergency, what would you grab on your way out? For me, it would be my dog, TeddyBear, then the fireproof box of all the important papers, and if I had time pictures. So then I look around at everything else that lives in our home and think what about you? Yes, it may be important but not to the degree of certain items. So I'm starting my Spring Cleaning (me smiling) with all my extra supplies and offering them in my Etsy Shop. I feel someone else should gain from my extras...whether I put a few items together and create a good selection or just list items individually like rubber stamps, fabric, ribbon, trims and etc. I feel we all win...I earn a little money from all the "extra supplies/stuff" and someone else wins by buying at a fraction of the cost! Another EUREKA moment, is putting together paper that mixed media artists, scrapbook enthusiats, and others use for their various crafts called Emphera.  A word I have a hard time saying but from all I've been told from friends, artists, crafters is very important. Since I am the "keeper" of all the old paperwork and pictures from both my parents' home and my mother-in-law's that no one wanted, I'm beginning to put paper together and see how much I come up with. Maybe I'll have enough for several listings whether on Etsy and/or my eBay shop, lreclaimedtreasures...sounds like a wonderful way of recycling!!
Well I'm off to list more Destash...come check out items from my personal collection and see if there is any that you can use~PLEASE!! This way I can declutter~rather Spring Clean my home!! :0)
I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. As Donnie and I enjoyed our lunch at Firehouse Subs sitting outside in the breeze and carrying on conversation with others eating at different tables it was nice and relaxing. The weather was perfect: sunny, just warm enough and a breeze! awwww, what a great time....too soon though, our summer heat will descend upon us with 90 plus degree temperatures and high humidity and sitting outside will be like a I'll remember this day and think back to the wonderful time we had.
Take care...treat others nicely....think positive....and come back to my little corner of the world soon and check out what other Eureka moments I might come up with!!! :0)  Until next time~Lynn

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