Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Do you ever have so many IDEAS running through your mind that it's hard to focus on just one??? That seems to be my dilemma this morning. My To Do List seems to be getting longer and longer, instead of shorter! lol I have ideas of new things I want to put in My Shop, special gifts I'm trying to make "come together" for my sister and soon-to-be husband, along with wording for a Toast at their reception, and the list goes on and on.....  Then after my wonderful day yesterday (still jumping up and down) I figured out I need little thank you cards already made, free gift with purchase already made, I think you get the picture. Running your own business is awesome and also so much involved. I made the comment to Donnie last night if an online business was this tough, I can't imagine what a "brick & mortar" business would be like. He told me it might be easier?? Maybe because there would be more than me? Either way, I'm happy in my little corner in the Big World...just have to find more time in a day! and/or more sleep! :o)
I made time for a wonderful walk last night with Donnie~the air was cool, breezy, and I think I asked him questions the whole 2-3 miles we walked...I guess I needed to just release some energy in a productive way...thank you Donnie for going with me (he'd already walked that morning before work with one of our friends and neighbors).
Well, I'm off to make my To Do List for Today...wish me luck!! haha I hope everyone has a wonderful day...it is gorgeous here in Sunny Florida, our weather is cool (unexpected), all the birds and furry friends have been out singing and eating this morning, and TeddyBear has been out chasing them all...so all is right with the world!! Think Positive~be kind~Pay it Forward~Enjoy. Until next time~Lynn


  1. Hi Lynn! I am having that creative overflow right now too.Ii actually took a notebook to the dentist today instead of a book. I woke up with ideas and they just keep coming. Must be the gorgeous wether, do you think???? :) Nan

  2. Nan, I agree!! I forgot about your appointment today-hope all went well. Are you close to opening your Shop? I can't wait!!! :o) Lynn