Friday, May 6, 2011

Sewing Storage Unit

I was so excited!! My sewing storage unit took 20-30 mins. top to put together!! It was a breeze...I highly recommend this unit....especially when you can find it like mine On Sale!! I love how it will open up for longer projects and then I can fold it neatly away...I think I am going to love having this to work on. Here are pictures of my sewing storage unit:

Now for the "beast" that took forever to put also happens to be for my daughter, Stacy, and her art supplies...I'm not sure how well that will work out...this unit I'm not sure I would recommend mainly based on the "stability" of it, beside the fact it has soooo many pieces. The bottom panels for the drawers are very thin-she won't be able to put anything heavy in them...also, when she moves, it will have to be moved as one piece and lifted...I don't think it would survive being taken apart and it does not have any casters on the bottom nor was there room to add any. In spite of all that, it will serve her purpose for now. This is her storage unit:

Stacy's unit was expensive, in my opinion, so make sure it is either on sale or you have a coupon.

My other addition to My Studio, is Mom, my purple African Violet. My mother, whom I miss beyond words, was a master gardener, me, not so much. The antique plant stand that I have Mom on in her home was completely covered in African Violets in all stages of growth and bloom. I thought I'd start with one and see how she likes it in My Studio beside the window which gets the morning light. I found a ceramic violet planter that my Mother had also made in lavender-now to plant her in it and see how well she blooms!! Thank goodness it is a self-watering Mother must have been thinking ahead!! hehe
I'm still working on getting My Studio up and together so I'm only showing bits and pieces. I promise as soon as I've got it all together, I will post pictures of the entire room! I can hardly wait.

I'm wishing all Mothers out there a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend (yes, weekend!)...may you be able to enjoy it with family and friends...find relaxation...Enjoy...and for those like myself whose Mothers are with them daily in spirit sitting on our shoulders, may they be remembered with positive memories, stories and pictures. God Bless each and every one of you. Until next time, Lynn

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