Thursday, May 5, 2011

Furniture in a Box!

Oh, the picture looks great....but then you open the box and OMG there are pieces among pieces among pieces! This was my experience yesterday as I tried to assemble a storage center. I'm still working on creating my retreat/studio but needed more storage space. So Stacy, my daughter, and I thought we would look at all storage options. Be Aware! After 11pm last night, I finished one storage center...I feel like a truck ran over me. It looks great-even like the picture on the time I'll know what I'm in for...oh, that's right, I have another one to put together today!! This one is a little different...hopefully not as difficult.
However, on the BRIGHT side, my Studio is coming together...I'll post pictures tomorrow once I remove the clutter from the assemble it yourself storage!! :-)
It is cool out this morning, the sun is shinning and my furry friends are all out. I need to fill the bird feeders and put corn out for the squirrels--will add to my list. I wish each of you a wonderful it forward...give your smile and hug to another and always remember God is there for you. Make today a great day!!
Back to the drawing board---haha---almost literally!! Take care friends, until next time. Lynn

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