Saturday, May 28, 2011


We have so much to be THANKFUL for...I for one must keep this in mind when my life seems to get out of control. I must remember to take one step at a time, stop and smell the flowers, enjoy the day that the Lord gave me, my family and friends, and how far health-wise I have come. So keeping all of this in mind, I wish each and everyone of you a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend. Remember those that have and are representing our country this weekend...pray for their safety.

Until next time~Lynn


  1. So much wisdom in this comment! We DO need to be grateful of the good times and take advantage of every single moment we are feeling good. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog today. Blogger chose to eat it for some reason but it meant a lot to me. Have a wonderful weekend and take care of you. Love, Nan

  2. Nan, thank you for your comments, I appreciate them. I'm glad you got to see my comment before Blogger ate it! :o) Others were having problems with Blogger too...I just couldn't get it to load everything. I hope you have a great weekend and take care of yourself too. Love, Lynn