Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nan's Gift to Me

I'm blessed to have a  very special friend, Nan, whom I can go without seeing or talking to for weeks or longer and when you see each other you pick up the conversation like it was just yesterday. I hope everyone else is as blessed to have a friend(s) like this~they are very rare and need to be treasured, which I do!! 

Yesterday was a wonderful day...I got to spend the day and part of the evening with Nan (thank you) and had an amazing time. Before leaving for Gainesville, Nan presented me with this:

My special gift, I was and am so touched, for My Studio that Nan made for Me!! My photography doesn't do it justice; however, it is 6x6, has my ladybug on it, even on the paper, my initial in silver foil, which also wraps around the frame, the title to my shop underneath, a beautiful red and white polka dot bow, and hangs from a ball chain....PERFECT! Nan, will be selling her works of art in her soon as it is up and going I'll post a notice here so you can visit and see all of her creations...I was able to get some of the "inside" scoop on some she is are going to love them!!! 

Nan helps me in ways she doesn't even know...she shares her expertise (commercial graphic artist), teaches me about tricks of the trade for online business, listens, laughs with me, I can be myself, and treats me like an equal, I could go on and on, let's just say, when you find someone this special and rare-hold on tight!
...this is a friend...a very special one...whom I treasure a lot. 

After an appointment, our excuse for the trip :-), we shared and enjoyed each other's company at Red Lobster and had the waiter with the best sense of humor and attitude, Casey...great young man. We bounced ideas off each other all day, came up with new ones, checked out Books a Million~dangerous place for us haha, took in Joann's, Dollar Tree (still wish we had ours...please bring it back!), and a quick trip in K-Mart. Time flies when you're with someone who shares your same interests, likes, and sometimes can say what you are about was after 7pm before we left Gainesville and Nan's husband I'm sure thought I had kidnapped her. Steve is a great guy and thankfully takes it all in stride when Nan and I go off for the day...thank you Steve!

I'm headed back to My Studio this morning to move my table and supplies in...probably won't get much organizing accomplished, because I want to work on the "butterfly" picture and hopefully finish it this weekend. Thank you Nan for some great insight regarding this project. Also a couple of little "works of art" that I want to see how they turn out. So I better get busy!! :)

I wish each and everyone a wonderful day...the sun is out here, the squirrels were in the yard scampering about, the High School Prom is tonight-wishing all of the young ladies and men a great time and please be careful. Even though I'm not English nor royalty, I watched a part of the tapping of the Royal Wedding last night-what a perfect couple...Kate was gorgeous and looks regal without overdoing...William's smile was there...I know Diana was looking down feeling so proud!

Enjoy your day!!!! Lynn


  1. Oh Lynn...I'm going to read this everytime I feel down at all.. You are such a good friend and I love spending time with you. :) Nan

  2. Nan, I feel the same about you!! :-) Lynn