Sunday, May 1, 2011

Social Butterfly

This is the name I'm giving to my crocheted butterfly seems appropriate now...I couldn't decide on a background for her, even after trying different mediums...finally, a black "velvet-like" fabric underneath makes her stand out (thank you Jan for the idea). Looking to see if "pearl-like" beads for the eyes will do her justice and some seed beads incorporated into the wings will bring her to life. This is my challenge today or one of them :-)  still working on My Studio and getting it organized, which will take time I know; I also have to add some more kits to my shop! I got so involved in making the butterfly picture come to life, I let it take up all my time. This is one of those things I will have to remember: if you're going to sell it, you cannot put a lot of time into unless you are going to charge an exurbanite amount--which I'm not. At the same time, I'm not going to try to sell something I don't feel is up to par either--a balancing act, I'm finding out. Oh, the things you learn as a business owner!!

It is a gorgeous day today...all my feathered friends are out in the yard and lot eating breakfast, the sun is up and God has given us another wonderful! I hope each and every one of you enjoy your day, take time to stop and enjoy a moment of what we have, pay it forward, and laugh...laugh as many times a day as you can-it really does make you feel better--and pass on your smile and positive attitude to another.

I'd like to put little squiggles here and there and make it look like a picture; however, I haven't learned how to do that yet, so I'm waving and smiling to you!!! ~Lynn~

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  1. I can't wait to see this project! It sounds wonderful.